“My experience with Century Equities as a buyer is that they did exactly what they said they were going to do exactly when they said they were going to do so (which happened to be very swift).  Century and their real estate counsel were true professionals throughout the transaction.”

- Steven Horvath, Berkeley Capital Advisors

The Basics

Q: What is a sale/leaseback?
A: A sale/leaseback is a financing technique that provides an opportunity to raise cash for your business. A sale/leaseback takes place when a business sells real estate it already owns to a third party for its fair market value (‘the sale’) and then immediately enters into a long-term net lease and continues to occupy the property (the ‘leaseback’). Alternatively, the business identifies an existing building that it desires to use. It then allows a third party to purchase that property and immediately enters into a long-term lease to occupy the property.

Q: Why should you consider a sale/leaseback with Century Equities?
A: If real estate is not strategically important to your operations, why own it? By completing a sale/leaseback with Century Equities, you can unlock the value in your real estate, increasing your cash on hand that can be used to grow your primary business. You will be paid full market value for your property which will provide cash to expand operations or pay down existing debt. There is no fee to your company.

Q: What if you own land but have not started construction on your new building?
A: Century Equities can be involved at the outset, assisting in design, budgeting and structuring of the transaction. We are experienced in all aspects of real estate development and we can become an integral part of the project team.