“We think it’s very important to select a buyer that’s knowledgeable, has a good reputation and a good track record.  Century Equities proved to be extremely knowledgeable, and demonstrated the ability to close the deal quickly and according to the negotiated terms.”

- David Moser, Director, Coulter & Justus


When Century Equities, Inc. forms a new investment offering, our primary objective is the long-term satisfaction of the investors.  We accomplish this through clear communication, full disclosure, and most of all, successful delivery of attractive returns.  We have maintained high acquisition standards that have led to the selection of profitable properties since our founding.  Whether acquiring properties for its own account or on behalf of its partners and clients, Century subjects each transaction to a rigorous underwriting and due diligence process.  While realizing that it is impossible to eliminate all risk, our goal is to maximize the potential gain in each situation while minimizing downside risks.

Our team is available to answer questions about our investment opportunities from investors or their advisors.  We recognize that safety is the primary concern for most investors, and Century has built its reputation on a 30-year track record of providing safe, solid, and profitable long-term investments.

We believe that our success is the result of honest hard work, strict investment criteria, and a conservative long-term view.  We have tried to consistently “hit singles” and have been blessed with a few doubles and triples along the way.